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22 mai

  • ratings 8,3 / 10
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  • USA
  • As a catastrophic injury robs her of a promising sports career and a long-coveted Olympic medal, the former competitive skier, Molly Bloom, moves to sunny Los Angeles to start anew, rather than attending law school. However, once there, Molly will soon find the quickest way to success and the closest thing to a profession, running a high-stakes poker game business for deep-pocketed celebrities, well-off businessmen, and the elite. And just like that, the gambling empire of a powerful poker hostess is born; nevertheless, there's always a fine line between triumph and defeat. Now, with her only hope resting in the capable hands of the wary New York lawyer, Charlie Jaffey, a desperate Molly will have to strive for sympathy; but, who would be willing to represent the infamous Poker Princess?
  • Year 2017
  • genre Drama

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It’s always a treat when Aaron Sorkin brings a new script to our screens, large or small, and his output (aside from West Wing) has been quite thinly spread over recent years. For me, the high point was The Social Network, but Steve Jobs was pretty damn fine too.
And it’s an unusual move for writers to become directors (albeit Martin McDonagh has done so to remarkable effect. This is Sorkin’s directorial bow and he makes a pretty decent fist of it.
It’s a good, but not great, film that moves along at typical, for Sorkin, high pace, almost matching that of Tom Lehrer’s, The Elements. And that is both its strength and its weakness. It’s kind of exhausting keeping up with 140 minutes of non stop verbal action.
The story concerns the real life of Molly Bloom; Olympic skier turned (illegal) poker madame. My first gripe is the huge dependence on narration from the central character (played superbly by Jessica Chastain. It’s a tiresome devise that too often intrudes. It doesn’t kill the movie but, for me, it hampers it.
The second is that it’s just too one-paced. It lacks light and shade.
But it’s also absorbing, interesting and full of surprises.
Chastain puts in an an Oscar nominatable performance (but it’s in no way winnable, given what Frances McDormand has put down in Three Billboards as a marker.
Idris Elba had the ladies in my company quite hot and bothered and puts in a decent shift as Chastain’s legal representative. He’s needed because her early cleaner than clean rules of engagement gradually become blurred and loose.
It’s a great yarn and it holds the audience throughout. But will I remember it a year from now? Not particularly.

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I never give 10s, this is my first but I fell totally, completely in love with Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom. If she is at TIFF this year I would love to give her a hug.
This movie had me from the opening. A brilliant young woman who is a great athlete and has a very demanding father suffers a serious ski accident. I had scoliosis surgery when I was 16 so I could identify with the young Molly who also recovered from scoliosis surgery.
The story is both entertaining and engrossing as Molly struggles to keep her life together while running a high stakes poker game. Idris Elba, Kevin Costner and the rest of the cast are also award worthy. Including Graham Green who is great in his role.
The cinematography, writing and directing are all brilliant. Maybe this movie just hit me at the right time but I enjoyed every moment.

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The best: Jessica Chastain is by far one of the best actresses of the last decade, she leaves us another great performance in which she is the movie. The direction of Aaron Sorkin personality to a film that lacks it.
The worst: The plot is extremely predictable and times are poorly measured, do not know when to go fast or when to slow the pace. The supporting actors, except for Michael Cera are extremely flat and lack charisma.

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